Departure Plan

Departure Plan Biography 2005

In October 2003, student buddy’s Steffen Stebbing, Ketil Ronold and Tony Kåreid decided to create some progressive metal with a more fresh and up to date approach. After two days of jamming they ended up with a song called Mystery witch is now featured on their debut album “Reference” under the name “Hidden from conflict”. A period of intense songwriting followed, and in mars 2004 they decided to take the project to a more serious level. Departure plan was formed and the search for band members began. The band wanted a creative vocalist with a vide range, so Steffen suggested that they contact his old band mate Åge Trøite from Lost in Time and see if he was interested in an audition. After a 24-hour nonstop vocal session, they were all very pleased, and Åge became a permanent member. The hunt for a drummer and bass player began, and the band played with various musicians like Kristian van Rien (Delusive bloodthirst, Delusion) and Lex-Icon (The Kovenant). The completion wasn’t final until July 2004, when drummer Kristoffer Øyen and bass player Øystein Hansen joined the band on a permanent basis. The band was already well known with Øystein`s skills through a couple of jams they had with him earlier the same year, and Kristoffer amazed them during a three hour audition after responding to an internet add. In the end of July, Departure plan started to rehears for upcoming gigs and preparing themselves for the recording of their debut album. Live technician Frode Trondahl joined the band as Departure plan’s FOH sound technician in august 2004, and soon became the seventh member of the band. Frode had loads of live experience, so the band was very pleased with his assistance and commitment. In the end of October 2004 the band entered the studio and started the recording of their debut album “Reference”. With a lot of help and commitment from Henning Bortne at Skrekk & Skru studios who mixed the album, Departure Plan finished the album but decided later to re-record it. Summer 2005 Jan Thore Grefstad became the bands new vocalist after Åge who had to leave the band due to various reasons. With Jan Thores amazing voice there was no doubt that a re-recording was necessary, and as we speaking Departure Plan are now preparing for their debut album…

Departure Plan expresses a form of progressive metal that challenges the listener without loosing the main elements of metal. Catchy choruses, outstanding guitar playing and complex but groovy rhythms is a short description of the DP sound. Both in studio and on the road, Departure plan truly showcases songs of excellent musicianship and outstanding songwriting. All six members in the band have various musical backgrounds, and this reflects their sound by creating music with now boundaries whatsoever.

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