Departure Plan


Some files which may intrest you. They are categorized by type.


  • Wallpaper (377.93 kB)

    Uploaded 15 May 2005

  • Wallpaper2 (7.52 kB)

    Super cool wallpaper!!!!

    Uploaded 28 June 2005

  • Mobile image (53.71 kB)

    Customized for Sony Ericsson T610.

    Uploaded 15 May 2005


  • Desperate Cry (5.2 MB)

    This is a full-length demo from the song Desperate cry. The recording is old but we have added Jan Thore's voice on it. The mix is done roughly, but the purpose is to give everybody an impression of what we working on. None of the recorded material on this song will be used on the album. Enjoy!

    Uploaded 25 November 2005