Departure Plan


The Departure Plan debut album will be finished July the 1st. The Album title is “Reference” and will feature eight songs.

Track listing:

  1. Storming dead fields
  2. Scarred past
  3. Hidden from conflict
  4. Admire the winds
  5. Searing flames
  6. Perception of spaciousness
  7. Biding time
  8. Swept away

Henning Bortne at Skrekk & Skru studio will be chief of mixing, and Pål Svennevik from Zenit Studio will master the album. Yusaf Parvez from DHG has also helped out with some recording. The band is still searching for a distributor or a record deal, but meanwhile the album will be sold trough departureplan.net. Clips of audio will be posted in the beginning of July, so stay tuned!!!