Departure Plan

Hallo everyone!

Sorry for the lack off updates lately, but the summer has been very busy in the departure plan camp.

Åge had to leave the band because of various reasons, so we have been working very hard to find a new member. After several auditions with different singers, Jan Thore Grefstad amazed us with his huge voice and talent. Jan Thore is now our new member and singer, and we are proud that he has chosen to work with us.

After discussing what to do with the finished album, we have decided to re-record the whole thing with our new member. This was not an easy decision, because we have all used a lot of time and energy in the album, but with the new songs that we have made alongside the recording sessions, we are now even more prepared as a band and as musicians to make a killer debut. We are now scheduling dates for the recording, and hopefully we will start the recording in the end of august. More info will be posted when everything is in place. Thank you.

Departure Plan