Departure Plan

The Departure Plan recording session

There is no secret that the recordings on our debut album has been moving very slow lately. There is a number of things that has slowed down the process.

First our record company had to close down, and we’ll have to look for another one. This turned the project into self financing, so we had to deal with the lack of money that was inevitable. Since our line-up wasn’t completed, the bass and keyboard parts were done by Kristoffer Øyen (drums). Along with that, the lack of musicians doesn’t only slow down the recording process, but it also kills the energy in the band, and turns the band into slow motion. But we are determined to make this happen, and we really believe in our music, and therefore we will never give up. Timing has also been another obstacle, since we needed to do some recordings now and then, to get the work done. When all this things happen, the musicians in the band get new roles in addition to be musicians and concentrate about music only.

There is still some parts left, mainly vocals, and a couple of guitar and keyboard solos, Then the album will go to mixing and mastering. This means that the album probably won’t be ready until some time in autumn 2006. This has been a huge learning process for us as well, and we should know a lot about how we’re NOT going to do it next time.

Oslo May 20th Departure Plan